Vertical Blinds

3 blinds for £150

Vertical Blinds are one of the most popular choices of window blinds, and are suitable for both home and office alike.

Our vertical blinds allow light and privacy to be easily controlled with a fine degree of accuracy, and we stock a range of high quality contemporary fabrics, which not only compliment any household interior but are also offer excellent value for money.

All our blinds are available in a variety of different materials which also include  heavyweight  and special  performance fabrics, such as flame-retardant and dim out blinds

All blinds are supplied with a robust  head-rail which provides many years of trouble free use, a sturdy chain that  rotates the slats 180 degrees with a precision  cord  to control the blinds direction, the controls  can be either from the left, right, or split from the middle.

Our blinds are available for use in a manual, motorized, or remote control capacity. Standard window size 72 inches with slats available in three and half inch width.